Licensed in Kansas & Missouri

Serving the Greater Midwest Through Our Network of Expert Associates

Office: 785-312-7199 | Mobile: 785-331-7769

Licensed in Kansas & Missouri

Serving the Greater Midwest Through Our Network of Expert Associates

Office: 785-312-7199

Mobile: 785-331-7769

Regardless of your reason for hiring a private investigator, one thing’s for sure: we will do our best to get you the information you seek.

About Us

Marlene Rockwell has built a network of the leading experts to assist in your private investigations.

Private Investigations throughout the Midwest

When you have an important project or need a top expert, then you need the unparalleled private investigator team at Rockwell Investigations & Consulting (RIC). Marlene K. Rockwell, a former US Army officer, established RIC in 2000 based on time-tested fundamentals of providing a superior service for private investigations. Our continued commitment to excellence has never wavered. Our passion ensures that we will conduct every investigation the right way, every time. As a former military leader, Marlene understands hard work and dedication and that is exactly what she brings to your private investigations.

RIC has network of private investigators located throughout the Midwest, especially in Kansas and Missouri. We provide services for individuals, corporations, law firms, and insurance companies, including cheating spouse surveillance and investigations, criminal defense investigations, insurance fraud investigations and surveillance, workers’ compensation investigations, missing persons investigations, equivocal death investigations, and more. Our private investigators have saved insurance companies of millions of dollars over the years.

Over 20 Years Experience as a Private Investigator

Marlene Rockwell, the owner of Rockwell Investigations, has conducted thousands of private investigations. Today, she still oversees and manages every single private investigation to ensure that no stone has been left unturned. Marlene is a well-rounded and skilled investigator who understands how important a complete and thorough investigation is for each unique case. Her commitment and passion to each investigation becomes clearly evident the moment you meet her.

With extensive experience in the areas of case management, undercover operations, financial fraud, domestic disputes, criminal defense, cheating spouse investigations, equivocal death cases, workers compensation claims, and missing persons cases, Marlene has built a strong network of the nation’s leading experts that can be called upon throughout the course of your investigation.

Our Expert Consultants include:

  • Former FBI Profilers

  • Forensic Pathologist/Medical Examiner

  • Finger Print Experts

  • Child Psychologist

  • DNA Expert

  • Cadaver Dog Experts

Marlene Rockwell is a master at report writing and understands that in many cases it is average person hiring private eye services. When your private investigation has been completed you will receive a thorough, detailed, comprehensible report that includes a summary of the findings that the ordinary “lay person” can read and understand clearly. Depending on your private investigation you may receive video, pictures, audio or other materials that are germane to your case.

Our fee is $95 per hour.
In some cases we offer a flat rate fee depending on the unique case.
We require a retainer for first time clients.