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Licensed in Kansas & Missouri

Serving the Greater Midwest Through Our Network of Expert Associates

Office: 785-312-7199

Mobile: 785-331-7769

In addition to gathering information, private investigators must know how to analyze it and present it to clients. Along with the investigative techniques that we use to gather information, this skill is an integral tool in our toolbox.

General Investigations

General Investigations

The fact of the matter is that each case we get is different and needs to be approached differently. It is difficult to describe everything a private investigator can do in a single sentence. Ultimately, we find “information” or “facts”.
Throughout the years, Rockwell Investigations & Consulting has been called upon to conduct various types of general private investigations.

General Private Investigations Examples

Civil Litigation

A Private Investigator is routinely called upon at various stages of a Civil Lawsuit by attorneys looking for additional information to bolster the amended complaint related to civil litigation or just to re-energize the case or prepare for a tough round of cross-examination.

Child Custody

There is nothing more important than your child’s welfare. In a child custody battle it is your responsibility to provide proof of your allegations.  Hearing rumors from the children may not be enough to prove malicious behavior by one parent. Obtaining proof of poor parenting typically involves procuring evidence to bring before a judge. At Rockwell Investigations & Consulting, we can help investigate, detect and document undesirable behavior.

Locate a Witness

Rockwell Investigations & Consulting provides legal support services to attorney’s   trying to locate witnesses and other individuals using a variety of techniques and tools. The purpose is to find key individuals to support their civil or criminal cases.

GPS Tracking*

At Rockwell Investigations & Consulting, we provide real-time GPS Tracking that can be beneficial to certain cases  Some of the uses and ways that GPS Tracking is beneficial include:

  •  24-hour Tracking of Vehicle
  • Establish subject patterns
  • Cost effective with the use of Physical Surveillance
  • Track assets and people
  • Use anywhere in the world
  • Use on personal vehicles in high crime areas
  • Teen tracking

1 Week of GPS Tracking (7 consecutive days): $500.00
2 Weeks of GPS Tracking (14 consecutive days: Savings of $150.00): $850.00
3 Weeks of GPS Tracking (21 consecutive days: Savings of $300.00): $1,200.00
4 Weeks of GPS Tracking (28 consecutive days: Savings of $600.00): $1,400.00

*The client must have legal documented rights to the vehicle being monitored by GPS

Locate Information or Assets

Do you have a pending lawsuit or have you won a judgement? Are you getting divorced? Did a family member die without a will? These are just a few reasons someone might need locate Information and Assets. Our licensed private investigators can help you sort out these kinds of complex issues. Too many times when someone passes away they have a significant  amount of assets (property, safety deposit box, or bank accounts) that no one ever knew about.

Background Investigations

Background investigations are must in this day and age.  Whether you are getting engaged, hiring a nanny or caregiver or renting out property, conducting a thorough background check should be on your priority list.   Generally, speaking a thorough background check conducted by a private detective can save you heartache, time and money. Rockwell Investigations & Consulting will help get the information that you seek.

Background Check on Yourself

We live in an era where data about you is constantly being collected and being made publicly available from multiple online databases. Background checks can pull up damaging information, causing you to miss out on a great job opportunity. Worst of all, some information might not even be correct.