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Licensed in Kansas & Missouri

Serving the Greater Midwest Through Our Network of Expert Associates

Office: 785-312-7199

Mobile: 785-331-7769

Every 40 seconds someone goes missing. On average, more than 800,000 people are reported as missing and are entered into FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) annually.
Of these, 85% – 90% are minors.

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Missing Persons

Find Missing Persons

When someone is reported missing, the family expects that law enforcement will jump into action and launch an all-out massive search and missing persons investigation. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases, law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed by the volume of missing person cases, not to mention other duties or cases such as investigating burglaries, assaults, rape, etc.

What may only add to your pain is that many missing person cases resolve themselves in few days. This is a big reason most agencies want to wait 24 or 48 hours to make a report. Additionally, it is not illegal for an adult to walk away and willingly disappear–and it happens often. While law enforcement is sitting back and waiting, precious time is lost, evidence fades, leads get away and the trail goes cold.

When you believe a person in your life has disappeared, it’s important to act quickly to begin a search. Start by calling the police department (911) to file a missing persons report, then begin to conduct your own search. If the person does not return home, you may need to alert the media and hire a private investigator. By taking the right steps quickly, you increase the chances of finding a missing person.

Missing person cases are becoming a “hot topic” as law suits are being filed against agencies for sloppy or incompetent handling of missing person investigations. In too many instances, law enforcement makes a quick judgement call that “no foul play” was involved, which means they are not going to actively search further.

When it comes to a missing persons investigation, what is the Private Investigator (PI) going to do that the police won’t? The PI is going to keep on searching. No matter how much the family claims that a loved one would never “just disappear,” the police are skeptical. Many times, the police have searched for someone and then later found that they left on their own accord, so over time, they become complacent with these kinds of cases.

How can a private investigator help? The private detective is not shaded by the fact that your missing person may have left of their own “free will.” The private missing persons investigation is tasked with finding the person, regardless of the reason they are gone.

You don’t have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing.

Time is precious in finding a missing person, especially if they are endangered. Every second counts. When put on the case immediately, the team at Rockwell Investigations & Consulting can narrow the risk of vital and crucial evidence being lost.